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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Alien called and it sounded like a bad radio signal

This morning during the briefing for my Section, I had only one thing on my mind:

"Anyone who wished to work overtime from now on must send in his/her name to me on Wednesday regardless of whether there is any work to be done or not!"

Crazy, isn't it?

I guess it's just my way of getting back at the HR Manager (the Alien) for nagging me on the phone last Friday afternoon.

Since no one of the higher positions were in the office, the Alien asked to talk to me. Man, he could talk and REALLY talk! He complained about our Division sending the 'overtime' application too late and he wouldn't approve any of it without the Managing Director's approval.

Hey, was it my fault that the MD was out that day?

The Alien also didn't really want to hear my explanation that the Division Head and the Assistant Manager were not in on last Wednesday causing us to delay sending the application to Thursday morning.

The annoying part was he kept blabbing how I was unaware of HIS new rule that overtime application MUST be sent in on Wednesday. Then, he started nagging me about not following the example of the Production members who send in 1-month application every time.

"Ey, they're different! Those people have production forecast months before. We are the Quality Control team and our function is to deal with Quality problems. You do NOT schedule problems!"

Somehow I had this feeling that the Alien was just making all these noises to annoy me. The whole 'war of words' was like wearing an earphone picking very bad radio transmission that went on and on. The phone started to feel like a broken radio unit to me.

So, this morning I made that decision to let my Section members go for the 'overtime' opportunity as they like it. Sometimes, I'm tired of having to think about cost-cutting for the management in this bad economy when really none of them cares.

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