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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My brother won a Gold Medal...!

How often do you get to hear news like a family member winning a medal and a gold medal at that?

My brother texted me yesterday informing that he just received the news that his design for the Eid Mubarak last year for the MidValley Mega Mall in the capital city just won a Gold Medal from International Awards for Best Visual Merchandising. They are the only Asian mall that won the Gold.

Wow, congratulations bro!

It's a big thing. It tops it all in our family. My only glory was when I was 11 winning a First Prize in a poster-making national competition for 60years anniversary of Malaysia as a rubber producer. Was it 60 years? I don't even remember. Besides, the glory wasn't totally mine. My father was the one with all the design concepts.

My brother is different. The idea for his winning design was all his. I remember the day he came back home with the beautiful hand sketch of the mall display. It was a replica of a typical Malay village in the old days where people used to live in comfortable, airy and highly artistic wooden houses on stilts. With coconut trees, a small stream and a little wooden bridge or we call it 'titi'.

I didn't get to go to the capital city to see it 'live' but he sent a greyscaled photo of it. Told him this looked like an old movie from the Malaysian 60s. To which he replied the coloured one file size was too big to email. Oh boy*sigh*, I guess his straight-laced childhood persona is still there in him. I mean, file sizes of photos can ALWAYS be reduced and he has access to the best computer graphic softwares that money can offer.

However, his creation is still so beautiful that even a black and white photo can still does it justice. No problem at all :-)

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