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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Monday, March 2, 2009

As expected.......they'd never dare granting me that VSS

I should've posted this last Friday. That was when the VSS Application results were announced.

I knew they wouldn't let me go. It was no surprise at all when the HR Manager repeated the sentence he uttered to me the last time my application was rejected.

"As decided by the Management, your services are still needed in the company. Thus, your applications have been granted the status 'FAILED'. So, you can now go back to your office to resume your duty."

I pressed him on to disclose who the 'Management' consisted of this time. He wouldn't tell this time though.

As we left the room, he annoyingly said to us,

"Congratulations! The company still loves you. Technically, you should be proud, y'know"

I told him this ............

"Ey, Mr. H------! What love? Prove that love with 'adjustment'!' referring to my paltry salary.

That alien (I dub him the Alien as he's so inhuman) grinned back nonchalantly saying "You get your adjustment every year!"

Yo! That's the yearly 1% increment. We're talking 'adjustment' as in the 'topping up' of that tiny 1%

Told ya he's an alien from Planet Zeug. ......

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  1. Now I know where my ex boss 'originated' from. Planet Zeug eh? Makes sense.