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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oopss...I did it again....(applying for the VSS that is!)

Yes I did it......again.

On Friday morning, I remarked to a veteran from HR to 'reserve' for me a blank form. He calmly (this guy is so soft-spoken, calm and cool as a cucumber) told me to come over to the Orientation Room at 11.00am. Adding that applying for VSS would not automatically grant one an acceptance. I laughingly replied that not applying would automatically grant one non-acceptance.

So, I went with a colleague. We signed each other's form as each other's witness and handed the forms over to the HR veteran. I went through the names of those who have applied so far. I pointed a few names including mine saying, 'This person has a slim chance', 'There's NO WAY they're letting go of this guy!', 'This one's sure to be rejected' etc.

I'm not afraid this time unlike the last time I applied for one. That was nerve-wracking as I was still repaying for my car. This time, the payout is a few thousands more and I am committed to only my small low-cost townhouse repayment. I can always rent out that place if I don't want to pay its monthly repayment.

It's highly unlikely they'll grant me the VSS though. I know it but it's still fun to apply for it and scare the Management. I even told people that I'm going to apply every VSS offer they're putting up.


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