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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Night Owl on demand.......seriously

I was forced to stay back late at the office with a colleague last night to finish a series of Data for this morning's presentation to a visiting Customer from Japan.

My day didn't start ugly yesterday at first when afterwards I got emo and went into a verbal war with an Advisor from Purchasing whom I usually get along very well with. She was questioning me why my Section hadn't yet produced the Data she asked for since last week. I told her it wasn't as simple as that. We had to ........:

1. come up with the latest List of parts (which came to our factory only a few days before production usage)
2. issue for quantity adjustment, inform all relevant parties,
3. take the parts ourselves at different locations,
4. check the usage status for each,
5. record the photo for each,
6. recheck against the Quantity adjustment again,
7. label each part


8. on top of all those, ALL four of my Operator girls are NEW. They're little juniors. Had to be guided from A-Z and THREE of my permanent staff were on sick and emergency leaves.

Frankly, I hated myself for raising my voice at her because she is a nice person really but it sickens me sometimes when my Section always have to answer for many problems that wasn't started by us.

In the end, we were instructed to finish the Data, by hook or by crook, that day to be handed in at 8.00am sharp today.

Damn it!

I can't remember the last time I had to stay back late for work. I once went home at 4am in the morning.

My colleague and I naturally had to be the ones staying back. He's be operating the machine and had to enter the Data in the summary I made earlier. The girls had to go home.

OK. This is how it happened. We were instructed by the MANAGING DIRECTOR to finish the job or our Production line would be halted today. I joked about it later that the future of the factory relied on my colleague's hands and mine.

I ran to my car to get my USB Pendrive where I stored many MP3s. Told my colleague that I wanted music to keep me awake.

I didn't notice the time flying by once the music was on. Let's see. I had Janne Da Arc, Matchbox 20, Tokio Hotel, Helloween, Hoobastank, Killerpilze, Jennifer Paige, Paramore, JoJo and Aizat. I went along doing my work singing along to the songs phonetically most of the time especially to the Japanese and German songs. It was a blast!

We left at around 11.20pm. As expected, my father called while I was driving asking where I was. The old man and his midnight curfew......ha....ha.

Didn't bother taking a shower once home. Did I get a good sleep? I knew I dozed off immediately sadly only to wake up again at 5.40am today to hand in last night's work.

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