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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Voluntary Separation Scheme is back

The big 'V' is back at our factory.

The VSS had been highly anticipated since factories all over the world went into downsizing frenzy last year.

I'm a factory worker and proud of it. As known in the economic world at the moment, we are the worst hit industries. In the most recent turn of event, our Management announced yesterday that they are opening VSS applications to employees from or related to our Car Stereo and Air-conditioner divisions.

However, rumours are rife that the Management actually already selected a list of names they want to kick out. That is why the announcement yesterday was made with the 'side info' that :

1. Those who have applied may not necessarily be selected

2. Those who have not applied may be called to the HR office should your name be in the selected list

3. The 'problem' employees who apply may not necessarily get the VSS as it is the company's wish to see you leave without having to pay a cent

Obviously the last condition was specially made by the HR Manager for Mr.B.....he...he...

My only worry is if many of my colleagues apply for it and actually get accepted, their workload may be shifted to the ones left myself. This thought alone makes me want to climb the stairs to the HR Office to get the Application Form.

It wouldn't be much. My salary is so paltry that the total VSS payout I can get would be about MYR18K+. There isn't much I can do with that amount.

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