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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random act of kindness.......Ingo Schwichtenberg flew to me

It's always nice when someone makes your day especially when you're not expecting it.

Old metal magazines bought on eBay
My latest eBay finds

I was incredibly excited when I received the old metal magazines I purchased from the UK on eBay recently. Even when I was in my early teens, I never saw these as a waste of money. Hard rock and heavy metal magazines were a big part of my formative years. They were like my escape from real life.

Continuing my German fixation (as a friend described it....he...he...), nabbed myself 1 issue of Kerrang and 2 issues of Metal Forces with, of course, Helloween on the covers. Got myself into a bidding war too for a rare promo slide of drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg. Hey, you don't get things like this easily.

As I leafed through the pages of Metal Forces, it suddenly struck me that these actually came from one of the writers himself Mr. Bernard Doe. In fact, I actually bought the very issue that his original review of the band's Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1 was published. The band's record label actually put that piece of writing on the reissued album inner sleeve.

So, I wrote Bernard an email saying how happy I was to have those items. He replied and kindly gave me a lovely photo of Ingo from 1991 during the Pink Bubbles Go Ape album era.

Ingo Schwichtenberg 1991 (sweetzbitz)- courtesy of Bernard Doe
This is Ingo Schwichtenberg in 1991......(thanks Bernard!)

You know what? I call this a random act of kindness. It means so much to me. Ingo flew to me :-)

Thanks Bernard! You're so cool.


  1. Hello!!
    Firstly, let me say what a nice blog you have!
    Secondly, I'm very very glad that I found this blog where you put down so many nice things about Ingo. :-) I'm a HUUUUUUGE Helloween and Ingo fan. A blog address written on your photo of Ingo led me to your blog - I saw it in a tribute video on Youtube. Then I visited your Myspace and now, here I am, the one you've been waiting for to leave a message here. :-)
    What a kind gesture from Mr Doe! I can imagine your excitement and astonishment.
    I'm also planning on ordering some old metal magazines with Helloween in. That would transfer me to "the great era of the 80'", hehe :-)

    Take care and stay heavy!

  2. Hi :-)
    Thanks for visiting. It's always nice to have someone drop by and leave a note for me.
    You must have read what I wrote on MySpace. It's so sweet of you to come by. It's always nice to be appreciated. That's all I'm asking for.
    Yes, that was a surprise from Mr.Doe. He's always been honest with his opinions and such. I respect him for that.
    Hope you visit again. Keep rocking ;-)