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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My sister's back from the hospital.....!

After the ordeal she had to go through during the weekend, my sister is back home today. Phew! I'm so relieved.

Apart from a (6-inches?) stitching, she's back to her normal self. Loud.

We both agreed that she shouldn't be eating solid food yet. Only rice porridge, juices and oatmeals for the first 2 weeks. We don't want to take chances.

Natural cancer killer - the Soursop fruit
(Picture is from

Told her what I told my mother yesterday. Got an email from a former colleague that the tropical fruit 'Soursop' is actually a natural cancer cell killer. Unlike chemo, this fruit kills the bad cells only and leave the good cells intact.

If only I had known this many many years ago when we first found out that my mother had colon cancer, I would've gotten her the fruits.

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