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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disgusting Malaysian politics.......!

Can things get more disgusting than Malaysian politics?

Got to get this out of my chest.

In the last election, the Opposition (better known as PKR) won 5 states which among them was the state of Perak. It's one of the biggest states in Peninsula Malaysia and the win certainly was a major breakthrough for the PKR.

This being Malaysia, it never takes long for things to get down and dirty. Super filthy.

Last year, 2 MPs from the PKR were caught in an entanglement of sex scandals (allegedly) and bribery. I'm not sure about the details. Not interested to know that deep. This year, the 'shamed ones' were reported as 'missing' or 'kidnapped'.

Then, the news broke yesterday that the National Coalition party had won the state of Perak because the two 'shamed MPs' had left the PKR. They call this 'party-hopping'.

I am so disgusted with this. There is one very prominent figure in the PKR who is determined to make 'party-hopping' illegal. I'm very much on his side on this issue.

This is how I see it. Even if 'party-hopping' legal for now, it's still IMMORAL. In the first place, those who voted for the 'party-hoppers' DID NOT vote them to represent any other parties. To turn 180 degree turn is downright disrespectful.

The honourable thing to do is to step down from the posts, officially announced to your constituents about pulling out and have a re-election where the voters have their say.

This is one of those times that I envy countries like the USA. I mean, when Clinton got embroiled in sex scandals, he was impeached. He stepped down honourably. It is not so in a country like Malaysia.

How desperate can Malaysian politicians be? The National Coalition is so hung up on wanting to win even by resorting to poaching corrupt leaders from another party. The PKR traitors are now representing their constituents as 'free' MPs.

I cringe thinking of who would be our next PM. At the moment, the
National Coalition is rooting for a man who :

1. Was mentioned in the court room by the cousin of a murdered Mongolian woman as someone she saw as being in the same photo of the dead lady. He denied vehemently that the murdered woman and him knew each other nor ever met.

2. Despite being the son of a highly respected late political figure who didn't think twice about taking even a bicycle to visit poor folks in the rural areas, this man is never known for showing up in the villages except during elections.

3. Talking about the murdered Mongolian with a C4 bomb mind you. How come he as the then Minister of the Defence Ministry claimed to not know or authorize the 'issuing' of the bomb from the Ministry?

4. Don't let me start on the poor Mongolian's travel record into Malaysia being non-existent. Hmm.......

5. When the former PM's wife was a respected intelligent figure and the late wife of the current PM worked tirelessly to promote our Arts and cultural heritage most noticeably the batik, this man's wife is better known for having a face that turns more like plastic each and every year. Her most famous social 'contribution' has been a flirty exchange with a Bollywood superstar that caused an uproar in our conservative society.

Back to the Perak affair, the PKR State Minister who was chosen by the Perak Royal Palace is an educated, multi-lingual and religious man who has achieved so much in his life and people friendly too. At last, I thought, someone with a brain that works got to lead. Of course, he was chosen by the educated royals of the state Palace.

20 years ago, I never would have hoped for this but somehow in the face of the current situation, I want us to be saved by nothing more than a family of intelligent royals who understand what the phrase 'for the people' means and I'm not even a fan of royal families.

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