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In life, we have to choose between the jeans and the cookie jar. Liz Hurley chose the jeans and I chose the cookie jar

~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to make a human TNT.......he...he....

Something hilarious happened today at work.

A colleague walked up to Mr.B and asked him why didn’t he take out the trash when it was his turn on the duty roster yesterday.

Mr.B shot back at him saying “It’s my business to do or not to do whatever I want”

My colleague (never shy about using his super sharp tongue) apparently didn’t leave it there as Mr.B then proceeded to threaten him “Do you want me to slap your face?!”

Just the other day, another colleague reminded Mr.B about his duty roster turn and was given the response that went along this line “I work as what my Grade dictates” referring to his super low Bonus Grade last year.

So, Mr.B says, if one gets low grade at work, then one should work very little.

How childish that is?

Hello…….it works the other way round. You get low grade BECAUSE you work too little.

Mr.B’s reaction quickly became a joke between me and my colleague.

How about responding like this the next time he brings up his Grade when told to take out the trash?

“Hi. You’re correct. Taking out the trash certainly is the kind of job that suits your Grade!”

Woo-hooh…….Mr.B will explode…….ha….ha…..!

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