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Thursday, June 12, 2008

How she cured her hubby's male pattern baldness!

A colleague of mine gave me some aloe vera baby plants to grow at home.

The reason?

I was aware of Aloe Vera's properties in helping with falling hair and asked around for anyone with the plants at home. Then, she told me that her husband successfully cured his male pattern baldness.

"It's true! His hair was in that M-shape pattern already. He's cured now. It works!", she exclaimed.

Aloe Vera  (aloe barbadensis)

Cut the Aloe Vera and get rid of the thorny bits. Chop the remaining part to small pieces.

Hibiscus 1

Pick some Hibiscus leaves. NOT the flowers. The leaves! Cut the leaves into small pieces as well.

Put the Aloe Vera and the Hibiscus leaves in a blender. Add in a little bit of water just to make the blending easier. Not too much water because you don't want a runny mixture streaking down your back, don't ya?

Put the mixture on your head and leave it on for 1/2 hour. Then wash as usual. Do it everyday or every other day.

Well, my friend's hubby did it everyday before taking his shower. The last time I met him, he really did have a full head of hair and not a trace of white hair. His wife has thick jet black hair too. So, I trust her.

No, I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Haha. I'm the world's worst procrastinator.

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  1. now.. this is one ubber interesting concoction that i die-die must try!.. =)