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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm in a Romantic Mood today withThe Glass Slipper!

Uploaded another video on You Tube today! Yeah!

Been wanting to do it for weeks. It's a response to my first video for actress Leslie Caron from her movie The Glass Slipper.

It has been surprising to me that The Glass Slipper isn't as well-known as many other classics from the 1950s. Considering that this was inspired by a 'damsel-in-distress-like' tale and the fact that the movie was made in the 50s, The Glass Slipper breaks away from the usual Cinderella mould. This Cinderella defies convention. The character of Ella is tomboyish and feisty. Unlike the usual obedient Cinderella normally portrayed, this version is rebellious, has un-princess-like short hair and tells people that she has beautiful stepsisters. Yes, beautiful stepsisters. It's too boring and predictable to make the stepsisters ugly. By making her stepsisters conventionally beautiful, the lead character Ella stands out more for her personality rather than looks. Credit where it's due, gorgeous actress Leslie Caron certainly didn't have to compete much in the looks department.

This was the breakthrough Cinderella movie where she isn't portrayed as someone who needs help but rather that the purity of her heart and her boldness are the qualities that draw people to her namely the weird old lady as her "godmother" and of course the Prince himself.

It is also interesting that the writer made Ella go to the Ball because she has been invited by the Prince himself. Certainly not the usual story where Cinderella gets noticed by Prince Charming after she joins the Ball. This Ella doesn't go to the Ball to see the Prince like the other ladies. She goes there to meet her new "friend" the "son of the Palace Chef".

I chose the song Goodnight Girl from the Scottish group Wet Wet Wet for my video because I feel that the words somehow match the lead characters' situations. How she is his "goodnight girl" whom he won't tell a soul about......well....except his friend.

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