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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Petrol and Diesel Price Hike Frenzy in Malaysia again!

The Malaysian Government announced that there wouldn't be any price increase last year which simply meant there would be at least one this year.

Sure enough. Last night, as I drove home, suddenly there was a massive traffic jam. Thought there was a major accident or a nocturnal construction activity going on. Made a U-turn to another route. Same massive traffic jam. I started to think that there was a major state government event. WTF, in mid-week?

Then, as I made another U-turn to escape into another route i.e the new highway, it finally struck me that drivers were queuing up for petrol.

The Malaysian government suddenly announced a price hike of petrol from MYR1.92/liter to MYR2.70/liter last night. The abrupt announcement caused a frenzy on the roads to ALL petrol stations all over the country. There were massive traffic jams everywhere a petrol station is located.

It was hell for me. Left the office at 6.30pm and arrived home at 10pm!

This morning, I filled in a full 30 litres tank of my 1000cc Daihatsu Charade 1992 and was gasping for breath as the total clocked at a whopping MYR82.26! Just last week, it was MYR60 for a full tank of 30 litres.

The full tank shall last me a week going back and forth to work. With an increment of MYR22 per fill-up, my monthly total is now increased to an additional MYR88 minimum and may reach up to MYR100 more. That works out to MYR100 x 12 = MYR1200/year!!!!

I just finished paying off my monthly MYR90 installment of PC purchase. Thought I'd have extra MYR90 for my pocket. It has ended up replacing paying off petrol hike now. It's so cruel.

However, the government also announced a rebate of MYR625/year in cash to an owner of a car less than 2000cc engine capacity. The payment shall be made when a car owner goes to renew the road tax. OK. I'm due to renew mine by 19th June. I'll see whether they'll really keep up their promise.

Hey! The rebate only covers HALF of the total hike in my yearly petrol budget then.

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