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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Friday, August 21, 2009

The dream with the Japanese group in it.......

I had a bizarre dream last night.

I saw a big group of Japanese guys in nice clothes coming to our factory here shaking hands and saying goodbye to everyone. What a dream it was because I knew who they were!

Due to economic reasons, our Japan HQ had to retrench some members from the organization over there. I heard about 50 employees were affected including my ex-boss. My current Japanese boss wouldn't divulge the actual figure and the management wished to keep it hush-hush so as not to scare the employees here.

The thing is, our branch is the only one in the group still making profits. So, the profits have to be distributed among the group of companies. Unfair if you ask me because when they were making profits, none was shared with our branch. We get among the lowest increment and the lowest bonuses and minimal allowances among the group.

Now, back to the dream.

What struck me most about the dream last night was the first face I saw. It belongs to a femininely pretty boy designer from the HQ. He came down to our branch a few times and I was always mesmerized by his 'beauty'. He looked like a Manga character came to life with his perfectly shaped arched eyebrows, girly pretty eyes, velvety smooth skin, small but full lips, pointy nose and spiky hairdo. He was mega-shy around me because he knew I liked looking at him. Well, he was shy with everyone, I think.

Then, yikes, I saw my ex-boss. Though he and I never really got along great, I did feel sorry for him when he got retrenched.

As for the pretty boy, dang I'm going to miss him. I had always tried to take his picture everytime he was here but he somehow always noticed it and hid his face. Now, I will never have a picture of the pretty manga boy.


The Japanese electronic designer guy was pretty. Something like this picture. Seriously! I wish I had his picture taken. Now I'll never get that chance :-(

Moral of the story, if you feel like snapping a picture of a pretty face, just do so. You might lose that chance forever.

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