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Sunday, August 2, 2009

I miss Cinnabon.....!

I'm missing those luscious Cinnamon rolls lately. Yes, I'm talking about Cinnabon.

I first encountered Cinnabon at Suria KLCC over in the capital city while waiting for my buddy to get off work.

It was quite early in the morning that day. I was broke but hungry. Hadn't had my brekkie. In that situation, your choices for munch-munch were limited to only how deep your pocket could go. How I'm glad my choices were limited. It made life easier. I'd eat where it was cheapest.

Then I saw it! The only food stand that sold a cup of tea at MYR2.50 where others were selling at an average of MYR4-5 a pop. Cinnabon!

That was when I fell in love with those cinnamon rolls.

Cinnabon -tracy,CA
This one is in Tracy, California but since I have no pic of the one here where I live, I just have to take this one from Wikipedia.

Imagine how excited I was when they opened a stand in my home state's most famous shopping mall, the Mahkota Parade (MP). I would stop by after work to buy the rolls. The Minibons were surprisingly pretty cheap for an American franchise product. You could mix any flavours you wanted in one box.

Cinnabon Pecanbon
My favourite....the Pecanbon!
Btw, the one they served here had more pecans.

Then, the stand was gone. I guess the cinnamon rolls probably didn't cater too well to average Malaysian taste buds. I don't know but I was crushed.

gordonfamily cinnabon recipe page

I did find a good recipe here at


I haven't tried it but reading how they went through many tries and errors in their quest to clone Cinnabon's signature flavour, I would love giving this one a try someday.

By the way, I didn't know that Cinnabon's first store is in Seattle, Washington! More reason to love Seattle besides Heart, Queensryche, Chris DeGarmo and Frasier. Yeah!

Also, all these times, I pronounced the name as "sinna-bond". Yes, "bond" as in "Bond-James Bond". Out of curiosity, I surfed the net to hear how other people pronounced it. Apparently, the "bon" is supposed to be pronounced as "bun". Oh, dear. So, it's "sinna-bun". That doesn't sound so "attention-grabbing" like "sinna-bond" would.

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