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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ingo Schwichtenberg in my mind and my heart........

Dear Ingo

Ingo Schwichtenberg in sunglasses

You were full of smiles

You were energetic and full of life

Till schizophrenia and drugs took a toll on you

1965 ~ 1995

You didn't really get the long-term treatment after being diagnosed with the illness. Life as a metal drummer exposed you to the dangers of drugs and alcohol. It still breaks my heart that you ended your life by jumping in front of an on-coming train in your hometown.

Your sad story has made me try to understand the disease and your situation more. Music was your life. You were just a "baby" in the band when you recorded your first album. When you were dismissed from the band, the only life you knew was over.

I wish I knew what went on in your mind. Was life already over to you even before you let yourself be run over by that train? Was the future not worth looking forward to? Were the voices in your head telling you to go?

After all these years dear Ingo, I have never stopped wishing.

♥♥ Ich ♥ dich ♥♥

*The links to 'Mental Health with Love' are a way for me to understand more about the disease from those who live with it. Love and understanding are the way to conquer.


  1. Great words...u are great lady :) If u want u can participate in my tribute to Ingo. Just come to, create a free page and join my "Ingo fly free" fan page :) I ll be waiting, Nik Christoforidis

  2. Ingo, you're a "Victim of fate"!!! :-(

  3. Ich bin sicher, seine Seele ist in Frieden, Gott, dass die schöne Seele, die gerade benötigt Pflege geheilt, ich liebe dich für immer Ingo♥