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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The HR Manager responds well to jerks

Basically quite a number of my officemates have heard me lamenting about this particular matter called Mr.B.

Mr.B thinks he's got a bone to pick with me when I refused to approve his leave application for last Saturday.

He didn't even hand the application form to me himself! He had the nerve to get one of my subordinates to hand it to me. He made her speak to me on his behalf. Why wouldn't he come to see me himself? I find it really rude and disrespectful for someone to not even want to speak to his own superior regarding job matters.

So the jerk chose to ignore me huh? Then he expected that I would just put down my signature on that form blindly like a postal worker marking postage stamps. After that the office clerk came to me with a bunch of leave application forms telling me that she told Mr.B the quota was already filled up. It was unfair to give him another leave as he already took one last Saturday.

Then I handed the form over to our Manager who reported it back to HR. That was last Thursday. Mr.B took sick leave on Friday and didn't turn up for work on Saturday.

Mr. B went to see the HR Manager today. I have no idea what he told that alien parading around as our HR Manager.

Guess what?

The HR Manager instructed to see both me and my Manager tomorrow. Oh! This is really the ultimate proof of how alien he is to human living.

I mean, for the past several weeks, me and my Manager had been trying our best to make the HR Manager see the real problem with Mr.B but every time he made it look like we were both being fussy and intolerant.

Now, Mr. B talked to him only ONCE and already the HR Manager is responding by instructing me and my Manager to see him at the HR interview room.

I feel really sad and deeply hurt as the whole thing is so darn unjust.

Our HR Manager wouldn't even take any action towards Mr.B even after the 'threatening-to-hit-a-girl-colleague' incident. Yet, when Mr.B complained about us, he quickly responded.

Yeah, that alien from Planet Ignorant responds well to creatures we humans call JERKS.


  1. Beautiful blog and wonderful posting. Hey! You know what? I am also from Malaysia and have been thinking of starting some blogs like yours. I love your postings. So localized!

  2. Ooh...thank you! Internet is a wonderful thing. I mean, whereas can us mere mortals vent out and feel totally free right?