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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The one who calls us 'idiot' is bidding sayonara

As I'm typing this, I just can't believe that I've been holding this news back from my blog this long.

My Jap boss is leaving on Friday to go back to our HQ in Japan for good.


Yes, he's the one I talked about here. The one who calls us 'idiot' every chance he gets. He'd say it in Japanese of course and after FOUR excruciating years of having him in our office, I must say that the Japanese word I understand the most is 'baka'.

It's weird as the Japanese are known for their fine manners and we got this guy who sticks out like a sore thumb with his foul mouth. He was also the one who accepted Mr.B into my Section. That's unforgiveable!

Entitled to be Stupid

We all know how he doesn't want to leave. Hey, I haven't met any expat who doesn't like it here in our country. Just think of all the perks they can get here. As for this guy, he gets a cozy 2-bedroom condo by the seaside, a brand new car with a Shell petrol card, an intact monthly salary from the HQ and another 'salary' in the form of 'expat allowances'. All paid for by the company. Not to mention satellite TV and unlimited Internet connection. Also, free plane tickets to go back home every TWO years. The food here is relatively very cheap too with various choices from all over the world. Expats here shop at prestigious shopping spots only because they have the money to burn.

An officer from HR inquired with our Manager about our 'farewell souvenir' for the 'sayonara ceremony'. Apparently we have none.

It's a rather funny story how we ended up not wanting to give him anything. When we were fighting to get a day off on 30th September, he actually intervened (what a busybody) and forced us to pick some members to come to work that day. How ridiculous as the Production departments won't be running that day due to it being the Inventory counting day. He even 'poisoned' the mind of the new Jap boss to pick out the section heads and the management level people to stay working on that day. As my name was originally on that list and me being the rebel that I am, I immediately announced to the entire office that the 'souvenir' we did kinda plan for him was OFF. Everybody else followed suit.

As for us planning to kinda give 'souvenir'....well.....i can say this:

Don't Be Fooled

People are still teasing our poor Manager about us holding a grudge the size of China mainland towards this guy.

I tried to make him apologize to all of us which is a tradition for anyone who's leaving. It was the weekly Monday morning gathering and it just came spontaneously to me to say to him 'you must say sorry to everybody because it's the fasting month now' which was followed by giggles from everybody. He refused to say sorry, laughed and thought that I was joking. I wasn't!

Ok. Since he has called us 'idiot' so many times, I would like to present this 'speech' for him here........

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