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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kusudama Flowers and Sayonara

Ok. We all gave in.

Kusudama Flowers & Gifts

I did say about not wanting to give any farewell souvenir to the Jap boss who called us idiot at every chance in my previous post here.

Things took a different turn on the day before his official farewell. A small group of us changed our minds at the last minute when the guy came to us showing a new pair of gloves saying that they were his farewell gifts. My friends sort of looked at each other after that and we started to feel sorry for the guy.

Ok. So he'd been mostly a total a*****e to us but there also had been times when he backed us up on very rare occasions. Since it would be his last days as our boss, why not just put the past behind?

So, we gathered some money from a few members (including me) who weren't heartless enough to totally give the guy a cold shoulder. Not much of course and we grabbed a few items from home which we wrapped up at the office the next day.

Kusudama Flower on a blue Box

The Kusudama Flowers and the spirals were made from leftover gift-wrapping paper. The glue didn't set well causing the flowers to gape here and there.
The glue probably was still wet when these things landed onto the Jap boss' hands.

Finally, I could put good use to my newfound interest in making Kusudama Flowers. He's Japanese. Therefore, I think putting in an art of origami would be so befitting. It was all done in a rush though. I made the flowers at 9.30am and his farewell ceremony started at 10.15am. I even taught two colleagues how to make the flowers so we could rush the whole process.

Kusudama Flowers in a Pair

These flowers would look really good if you can make them in abundance. Check out this shop
It Really Adds Something on Etsy or her blog.

A colleague made the blue spirals to add abundance to the lack of Kusudama Flowers. It was totally a last minute thing. We were only able to make FOUR flowers that morning. However, I'm happy that I was able to show my friends this beautiful art.

By the way, I learned about the flowers here from a fellow blogger SallyZ from her post here on her blog Tranquility Spot. The tutorial is here from The Piece of Paper.

Thank you ladies.... :-)


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your roast chicken place, it's such a shame when they play around with a winning formula and make it worse.

    Thank you for the link, the kusudama flowers you and your collegue made are beautiful!!! Hope the Jap boss appreciated them. If not, then hope some of the wet glue stuck to his pants. :P

  2. I still laugh every time I read your comment "hope some of the wet glue stuck to his pants". Thank you.