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Saturday, September 20, 2008

My take on VMA 2008

Well, it's been more than a week since the VMA 2008 in LA and it's been a week since I last posted anything on this blog. I watched the recorded show last Saturday on MTV and it was heavily 'beeped' for Malaysian TV. Duh!

The minute host Russell Brand opened his mouth, I could sense the uneasy feeling from some in the audience (it must have been that strong since I live thousands of miles away). I knew immediately that this wouldn't go down too well with the Americans. After a few minutes, I turned to my sister and said "I don't think the Americans understand British humour".

If one thing I knew about the Brits is that's the way they joke around. Mostly poking fun at themselves and their aspects of life which include politics, sports, food, public transport, the weather (ha..ha..!). Of course, when they go out, they apply the same thing and it may not necessarily work out the same way, unfortunately.

Chill people.......relax. No need for controversy.
He pokes fun at everybody including himself when he said his hairstyle in normal situation would immediately brand him a lunatic.


do it like the Malaysians.............BEEP everything........pah!

It was obvious Russell knew what he said would create controversy and somewhere in the middle of the show, he talked lengthily about 'pissing off teenagers' which actually was a sarcastic go at the way you have to be 'politically correct' all the time in the America. The 'purity ring' jokes would have been laughed off in the UK but apparently they didn't in the US.

jonas brothers performance at VMA 2008

The Jonas Brothers are cool about it.

I guess the old-fashioned upbringing is paying off as they've been choosing to deal with it like gentlemen.

Britney's back!
Back in business and back into her fit curves......jealous......jealous..

The media loves 'shooting stars' and quite literally too. I do feel sorry for the way they treated Britney Spears for the past 2 years. When MTV started promoting the VMA event on the channel showing host Russell Brand and Britney chatting together, I saw the sweet girly Britney who won the world over 8 years ago. Her warm laughter and her down-to-earth persona. Personally I blame the media as being partly (major part!) responsible for her breakdown. Honestly, her VMA performance last year wasn't bad at all. It was the way the choreography was designed. Slow and slinky to fit the feel of the song. Did anybody even watch the dancers' moves? Oh, but then people would read more if they put a title 'Britney sleepwalked through her performance'. Her triumphant wins this year screams to people that her fans stuck to her side yet MTV still couldn't resist 'shooting' her like they do in this article here. I mean, rhyming her surname 'Spears' with 'Schmears'?

BTW, to be fair to both sides, I found this link to a video supposedly showing 'how she really sounds like onstage' at PopWrap. Not sure about the authenticity of it. That's ok though as she's never been a good singer but she's a great performer first and foremost.

Lastly, the 'creme de la creme'. The best reason to watch, at least for me. Tokio Hotel....!

My babies won!

Tom, Bill, Georg and Gustav.
These young lads have the most enviable hardcore Internet-fanbase in the world right now.

Just last year, MTV edited out their EMA 2007 performance (the only one they chopped out mind you) from American MTV for being unknown in the USA (what a reason!). With the power of fandom ruling, they have just become the latest US MTV darlings after less than a year.

Tokio Hotel VMA 2008 Monster Truck arrival

The 'big' arrival on a Bigfoot

Tokio Hotel reaching the read carpet on a monster truck

Who needs a limo? This is America. Go for the Bigfoot! Blast your own song on a super woofer monster speaker too. It couldn't get any grander than this!

They immediately caught the attention of the American media who eagerly asked them to speak their native tongue.

Tom holding on to Bill to avoid falling over(2)

A little brotherly support wouldn't hurt

......and the Coolest Outfit award goes to Bill Kaulitz........

Bill Kaulitz arrival outfit VMA 2008(2)
Bill's red carpet outfit

Bill Kaulitz award receiving outfit VMA 2008(2)
Bill's award-receiving outfit

......... TWICE....!

Bill Kaulitz Coolest Hair 'award' at the VMA 2008(2)
...and of course, no other contender for the Coolest Hair Award
.......except maybe Russell Brand? He...he....

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