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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ramadhan is here.....conquer those urges!

It's 1st day of work in Ramadhan this year for me today.

Man! It was hard to readjust myself to work after FOUR days off.........Saturday to Tuesday.

As it is Ramadhan the fasting month, we are supposed to refrain ourselves not only from food and drinks but every desires and urges we have such as the the urge to spend too much money on material things instead of giving to the poor or to talk wasteful things, say bad things about other people or say bad words at all.

Let's just say I gave in to the last two xD.

First incident.

I made a Customer very cross today when he came to foresee the condition at our division. He complained that one particular 'work instruction' I made was not clear because he couldn't understand it. I was annoyed and said the 'work instruction' had been sent to his colleagues before and they didn't comment the things he pointed out although they did comment on other things which I already bowed to.

I snapped and told him how his suggestion was more suitable for kindergarten kids. Oh..oh. I was sure it wasn't slip of the tongue as I was fully conscious but it was enough to anger the normally soft-spoken guy that my Manager had to interfere to calm things down.

I did bow to his request realizing that dragging things on wouldn't do us any good. It wasn't a big matter really.........

........ but..........

........... who wouldn't be annoyed when someone asked a question:

"Your arrow here....I don't know where and what it's showing. It's not clear."

What road did he take to drive all the way to our company premises when he couldn't read arrows? myspace graphic comments

Second incident.

Someone asked to borrow some money and I said the extra money I had was already given to my mother for meals and the rest in my pocket was for my petrol fill-up on the way home later. I wasn't lying but I couldn't resist walking up to one of my subordinates and tell her about 'somebody being desperate for money'. Me and my awful gab!

There's a reason why Ramadhan exists. Just one out of twelve months for us to learn to discipline ourselves really isn't too much to ask but I haven't fully succeeded in controlling myself when it comes to those itsy bitsy 'evil' like gossiping which can contribute to a larger damage.

Ok. So, this year I will try.

p/s: I will still pour my heart out here though .... :-)

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