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Monday, December 8, 2008

Blackout again........wish I watched Twilight that night

Went to watch the new teen vampire romance movie 'Twilight' on Saturday morning with my sister.

Oh.....I wish we had gone to the night showing because our village went into another blackout that night.

The only thing I could do to amuse me was taking pictures as my camera was the only modern creation that functioned that night in my room.

As I took a couple of shaky pictures of the items on the little dresser by my bed, I was transported back to my yesteryears as I laid my eyes on each and every one of them.

The candle and momentos 1
The candle and the momentos

From r. to l. :

1. The candle I have as standby all the time in case of blackouts, the water container for the first sip when I wake up from sleep,

2. The 'plate' I got for entering a spelling bee contest when I was 16 (which I lost BTW),

3. The little alarm clock I hardly use nowadays as I use my cellphone to wake me up,

4. The Eiffel Tower mini replica my dear buddy got me on her class trip to Paris,

5. The globe pencil sharpener I bought at Williams Castle (wait.....was it another castle in Notts instead?) because I wanted a globe so much but couldn't afford a real one,

6. A mini torchlight I bought at a night market as the 'twin' to the one I bought for my ex-bf,

7. The photo frame my dear buddy gave me when we were 18 which she specifically asked to use to put the picture of my love object (thye never stayed long enough to qualify for that frame my friend........haha),

8. My glasses for the occasional days I can't wear contacts,

9. Lastly, the little alarm clock that my father gave me when I started A Level and kept my time throughout my days in the UK.

Wow.......I can't imagine losing any of them. That would be like erasing important defining moments in the history of my life.

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  1. your house gets frequent black outs?