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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Farewell that jerk boycotting me?

Mr.B refused to attend our daily Section morning meeting since Tuesday. Each time hiding away in probably the guys' restroom, I'm not sure. He's still protesting over his paltry bonus. It sickens me just to think about tomorrow at work.

My Manager returned from the sister branch in the South yesterday. Still steaming over the Mr.B incident. However, he told me a valuable definition of what a bonus is. It is principally "an incentive awarded to an employee for good performance and commitment". Therefore, it is an employer's right whether to grant you one or not. Mr.B is so freaking clueless about what being a good employee is.

Let's leave that jerk aside for awhile.

It's Mickey time......!

One of the Section members is leaving and she has been with us for just a couple of months. Only 19yrs of age, the girl is furthering her studies to be a trained Nurse. Hmmm.....noble profession. Besides, she's pretty and very soft-spoken too. Two qualities that people always like in a Nurse.

Just a few weeks ago, another girl, also an Operator, left from the pressure of the economy. As an Operator, her salary was calculated on a daily basis and believe me, it's not much at all and impossible to live on by today's living standards. It's sad how I keep on losing members for financial reasons.

I remember that I brought a chocolate cake for when the last Operator bid farewell on her last day with us the rest of Section members. For me it's important to show your subordinates your appreciation. Maybe this time, this girl was inspired by my gesture as she brought us a cake with a picture of Mickey Mouse on it. Wow, it's nice to be surprised like this.

*Note: Picture is a plate from Complete Party Packs (click here to buy)

Thank you girl. It's great that in times like these, there are still people who understand the importance of good will.

Oh....just to let you know, it so happened that Mr.B was not around at that time and nobody bothered to invite him for our little Mickey Mouse cake party....ha....ha....

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