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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Helloween Picture Book arrived!

Back:Weiki, Roland, Markus.
Front: Michi, Ingo

Nothing excited me more on Saturday when the package I'd been waiting for the whole week arrived. It was huge and flat. All the way from the US of A. Had to sign it for the mailman.

On Friday the week before, I purchased a collector's item Helloween Picture Book from the 1989 Japanese Tour on eBay. Got to admit that the main reason I wanted it was to get pictures of drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg in his happier days.

Imagine my excitement when I opened up the carefully taped together corrugated paper boards the seller used as shipment packing. Carefully protected in a plastic wrap inside was the A3-size picture book in MINT condition! For a moment, I thought I was back in 1989.

ALL the guys were in their 20s. Thicker big hair, leaner bodies, tight clothing. Pictures of them sight-seeing, fooling around with a circus troop, rehearsing before the concert, sunbathing........without a lot of clothes on........ahem.....ha....ha.

Now I don't feel that much regret spending a large sum on this. I wouldn't say how much it cost me. A LOT!

Nice to say that there was a section in the book where the guys in the band were asked to fill in a questionnaire. I think I have a great instinct when it comes to choosing the rock stars to have a crush on or to fall in love with. Somehow, they always are the ones who coincidentally have the qualities of my ideal man. Let's just say I discovered more things about Ingo that confirms why I was drawn to him back then even when I didn't know much about him at all. I never would have thought that he liked the movie Casablanca.

My ideal man isn't perfect. He has flaws and is vulnerable but he's sensitive when he needs to be and can still be manly when he wants to be. He has the smile that shines and the longing-for-love look in his eyes like a baby. People say I seek perfection. Not true.

All I want is someone who deserves to be loved by me.

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