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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Check you motherboard capacity before upgrading your RAM!

If I had been a carton character, I would've been tearing my hair out right now.....literally.

It's December and the PC Fair has come to my hometown state of Melaka again.

It's bigger this time most notably the speaker booths were all lined up facing a gaming centre on the top floor of Mahkota Parade. It's practical because the speaker vendors need to blast out their products and the noise would "complement" the noise from the gaming centre.

I have TWO purposes of going this time.

One is to replace my 'dead' FM Modulator and another is to buy a 1Gb RAM stick to upgrade my 667mHZ 512RAM which has proven to be very slow now with the many applications I've installed over the whole year.

Checking my Kingston RAM stick, I entered the code KVR667D2N5/512 into my cellphone as a reminder. I also entered my motherboard model code VIA P4M800PRO-DDR2 just to make sure I wouldn't mistake a DDR2 RAM with a DDR1.

Seems mistake-proof, huh?


Getting greedy with the vast array of choices available, I went on asking for a 2Gb RAM stick with confidence instead of the 1 Gb I intended to get originally yesterday.

Came home just to find that with my existing 512Mb RAM, the total RAM only added up to 1.4Gb. I was disappointed. I thought there was some kind of mistake with the RAM stick. Working in an electronic factory, I couldn't help thinking that the manufacturer had made a mistake at their assembly line.

I went back to the booth today telling the salesguy that the product was wrongly labelled. He said to me to take the RAM stick to their shop on Tuesday withmy PC to check whether my PC was not able to take more than 2Gb of RAM.

His words struck me. Hmmm........why didn't I check my motherboard capacity?

Went back home again and Googled the following :

"What is the maximum RAM for VIA P4M800PRO-DDR2 motherboard?"

Within seconds, the answer were listed. The motherboard was only able to take "up to 2Gb" only. The term "up to" does not mean you will get 2Gb. You can't. Also, with my two RAM slots, it can only take 1Gb stick max for each slot. So, my 2Gb will still register as 1Gb only. Oh, I feel so ancient.....ha...ha....and what a waste of my money!

Oh....foolish me.

Next time, before upgrading anything, please Google your motherboard first for what it can and cannot take.

I've learned my lessons.....thank you.

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