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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

They're cutting off my Manager!

The economic downturn made a shocking turn on the factory I'm working for.

In a move that seems like a conspiracy to us, the management forced my Manager to be transferred to the sister branch down south last week. They gave him the ultimatum, it was either the transfer or 3-months notice before being let off the company totally. That's being asked to resign in other words.

It was shocking to us because "the old man" as we affectionately refer to him has been at the helm of Quality Control (QC) from the roots.

It angered me that they're doing this to someone like him meaning the management really don't even look at the rest of us with one eye. Let alone two eyes. In a split second, someone like me can easily be forced to be transferred to a remote branch or being asked to leave.

It's hard to let it sink in that "the old man" really is leaving us and will be the one answering the phone when we contact the QC Department of the sister company in the remote South.

After working here for 8 years, I have many memories of "the old man" I've grown to see as the father figure in the office. Also to say that sometimes I've been an absolute a**hole towards him especially when I'm not happy about things at work.

I have to say that over the years, I've grown fond of "the old man" as he has always been someone we can all talk to and joke with and rely on to protect us when we engage in silly things such as calling in late to the office for the stupidest reason i.e " alarm clock didn't work".

I've been wondering since last week what it would be like for us without him and what it would like for him without us. He surely would find it hard to live with his old-fashioned way at the sister branch where you have to be independent to survive. By old-fashioned, I mean he's not very well-versed in the IT department and constantly needs our guidance when he thinks his PC doesn't work.

Now I heard they're sending another surplus manager from another Division to replace him. That angers me. This is clearly a conspiracy to bring our "old man" down. Almost every Division in this factory have a surplus of Managers and Assistant Managers and yet the management has chosen to kick out OUR manager from a tiny Division.

As his days here are approaching the end, I have chosen to console myself by thinking that "the old man" hasn't really gone but merely going on a very long business trip to the South.

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