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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Monday, December 22, 2008

I think I'm a victim to someone's lies at work today......

It's Bonus Day today.

After many speculations, the management made the surprising move of giving out 1.5 worth of basic salary for employees evaluated at Rank C. It's a move welcomed by many as our management are notorious for being stingy with our welfare and benefits.

Today was supposed to be a very happy day for me as I opened my slip to see I wasn't ranked as a C-grade employee. My colleagues even noticed my smiley face after our Division Head handed out the bonus slips. I even texted my Manager who just started his "unofficial" stint at our sister branch, thanking him for the good grade. I was happy. I really was.

That was when Mr. B ruined it for me.

Mr. B apparently claimed that his was way below the average C. Below 1.0. He didn't came up to me of course. What a coward ( he told people I was difficult to talk to simply because I'm female).

He first went to the Asst. Manager expressing his dissatisfaction. The Asst. Manager told him that the higher management had the final say. Not individual division. Mr. B wasn't content with that answer and went to my colleague afterwards, still blaming our division's management for his low grade. My colleagues told him that in the course of our division's history, there had never been anyone given below C ranking.

My colleague even wisely told Mr. B that Section Heads (like myself) were only able to make evaluation once before handing it over to the division's local Managers. Then the division's Japanese Head. Then the HR and finally if the Managing Director decided something else, then everything will be reviewed back. In the end, the final say would come from the Top Management after meetings and reviews and re-reviews(MD, all GMs, Managers, HR Head).

Mr. B then went straight to HR office and the rest of us just couldn't care less and went on doing our work as usual. I was still ecstatic over my grade by the way at that point.

The bomb got dropped on my head as I drove home on the new highway. My Manager called from the South branch to tell me that Mr.B just called him saying that the Manager and I "should watch our steps". I was shocked. From what I could deduce from my Manager's info, the HR Manager apparently told him that the low grade came from us both. Somehow I kind of expected this to happen as we'd known the HR Manager's conniving character very well. It angered me that some people would do anything for their own benefits by stomping on honest individuals like me.

It sickens me that Mr. B actually prefers to trust the HR Manager's words rather than his own Section Head. After all that I had compromised and tolerated for him. It's weird how some people use their brains. Mr. B principally declared a war against the HR Manager when he filed that lawsuit yet I'm the one he would turn his back on first at every chance.

You know what?

I believe in God.

I believe in the afterlife.

I believe in Heaven and Hell.

May those who spread lies about me burn in flames.

Don't tell me that it's un-Heavenly to make such wish but I have never hidden the fact that I have incredibly high tolerance for people until they snap my "pillar of patience" in two.


  1. mr B is such a jerk, and the HR manager is a no good s.o.b.
    but these things are norm in an organisation where people would simply put the blame on others when there is trouble, just to save their own skins...
    hang in there, sharlee

  2. Thank you for your supportive words. It's been hard on me this week facing this kind of behaviour at work.It's not fair. Thanks Heaven for the Internet as besides praying, it is my HUGE source of relief in times of trouble.