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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HE answered my prayer! (My package from Japan arrived.....the bilingual Queensryche Empire Tour Book)

God the Almighty answered my prayer from last month! The missing package I talked about here arrived safely finally. I am so happy :-)

My Package from Japan
My package arrived!

I have always felt that my liking for hard rock and heavy metal music or any kind of music all these years may be conflicting with my faith but I have not yet found any concrete argument or verses/hadith forbidding us from listening to it. All I knew is God asked us to know our priorities and boundaries. HE asked us not to enjoy too much that we forget HIM.

I started buying hard rock/metal the year I started attending Islamic school full time. I bought what I could afford with the very little pocket money I had.

However, I do limit my listening from certain elements. Excessive sexually exploitative and distasteful lyrics/visuals, satanic imagery and extreme anti-God sentiments. Those are things I cannot find myself relating to anyway.

I cried when my package didn't arrive after two weeks. Of course I did. How could I not? The package contained my Queensryche Empire Tour Book the Japanese bilingual version and some old cuttings from BURRN Magazines. Those are rare things nowadays. Some are over 20 years old.

In my desperation, I went ahead with the only thing I resort to each time I'm in that situation. Asking for help from God. I woke up at night so I could perform the prayer. I hope I wasn't abusing what that particular means of asking help. I am well aware that God does not simply grant me my wish without teaching me lessons.

Amazingly, when my father was checked into the hospital, my determination to get the package faded pretty fast. I felt that if I got it, it would be good but if I didn't, my life wouldn't be over. I'd be okay. my family is WAY more important. I was pretty willing to let go of the package at the time thinking it probably was not written in the sky for me to own those items.

I entered my room last night with a package waiting for me on my bed. It was received by none other than my father!

My Old Burrn! Copies
Everything pristine!
Carefully wrapped and labeled by the seller.

Everything was there. The package was perfect. Not the slightest damage in any way. The book was almost like new. Not even a trace of visible dirty fingerprints. The magazine cuttings? Hard to believe that some of the paper already existed for more than 20 years. They are still pristine.

Thank you. Thank you the Almighty.

Now, I did promise HIM something which I have to do now that he already answered my prayer :-)

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