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Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh no they didn't.............Queensryche 'cabaret' show?....aaarrgh..... me this is not happening. Oh, it happened already.

I am deeply bummed out. Queensryche did a 'cabaret' show with scantily clad girls (one of them Geoff's stepdaughter) and drag queens.

Didn't I just lament on the fact that they deserved their own musical on a real theatre stage when I talked about the Grammy 2010 just several days ago? That they could only manage the visual representation of their music at their own concerts? After all these years and fans' hope, they came to THIS?

There are some fans who are liberal enough to welcome this with open arms and rationalize it as just another 'branch' of the band's 'creativity'. That those who watched the show said 'it has a storyline' and 'the girls did well'. Ok, the contortionists deserve credits but the 'Go-Go dancers?'

What message do you get from women wearing this swaying her hips onstage?
There is only ONE type of lyrics that go with THIS 'visual presentation'.

(Credit: Sloggi underwear is from Triumph International)

Look people, I'm a woman and let me say this. There is absolutely NOTHING creative about scantily clad women 'writhing' onstage for all to see. Women swaying her semi naked hips with her legs open and her hands touching herself relay only ONE message. You know what that is. It disgusts me that the girls actually think they are artists who represent the musicians' work in the name of 'art'. Women have always been manipulated as sex objects since we were created and it amazes me how many women just can't seem to see this.

No, I will not put any link to the show here. You can find them on YouTube. Blabbermouth put everything together in one page too.

I find it deeply disturbing that the DJs on the Bob Rivers show tried to liken it to the Beatles show in Vegas. That's different. That's Cirque de Soleil. Now, THAT is art. There is a huge difference between visual art and sleaze.

Sorry guys. That is just stooping too low. Besides, if I want to watch semi-naked women with hot moves, I'd rather watch Pussycat Dolls. The girls are WAY hotter than those at the Queensryche show. Or I can watch Lady Gaga. The girl can sing and in her eccentric way, she really puts spectacular show each time she comes onstage. Or the best 'hips-don't-lie' queen Shakira. Not to mention Beyonce or even JLo.

Never would I imagine that the day would come when I watch a Queensryche video on YouTube, a Pussycat Dolls video would be listed as a 'related video'.

I feel bad for Michael Wilton. Sure, QR is his main bread and butter. Maybe that's why he stays. But I feel uncomfortable seeing him in that sleazy setting. He never made it a secret that he prefers the earlier sound of QR and the way they were as a band back then.

Michael Wilton interviewed by RatPak image
Whip, you deserve better.

Now, I never thought I would say this but maybe there is a blessing behind all this..


I can finally say this...........

chris degarmo seattle 2002
Chris, I'm grateful you're not in QR anymore. I don't want you to be part of that 'sleaze'.


  1. Shut your mouth no cares what you think anyway.

  2. I agree with you completely! loved your blog. As for the other "anonymous"... it's probably Susan Tate.

  3. People DO care, and what exists as "Queensryche" these days should be ashamed of themselves.

    DeGarmo and the band made it a point throughout their initial run to tell folks they didn't believe in objectifying women, and this runs counter to that directly.

    This whole sleaze fest is due to Susan Tate. She and Rockenfield's wife are BFFs and both were hardcore strippers (how do you think Geoff and Scott met them). This is what happens when you let a stripper with no credibility control your career.

    Good for Chris that he bailed on this mess years ago. RIP Queensryche (1981-1997).

  4. Are you me? Because I swear you read my mind. The Cabaret has pushed me over the edge to the point where I can't call myself a Queensryche fan anymore. Which is too bad, because they used to be my favorite band.

    The first "Anonymous" is probably Miranda Tate.

  5. I saw the Queensryche Cabaret after getting sold on it by friends.

    I realize that QR doesn't have a Cirque budget and didn't expect the same quality of "cabaret". But I expected a semi-professional direction/production, decent story line and a set list of full of OM, Rage, Empire, Warning, Queensryche.

    Instead, it was amateur hour..The "story" centered around Geoff searching for his true love lost. If there was an actual plot to the story, then I missed it. Uninspiring and cliched, the story destroyed any momentum carried by the music. Each song was followed by a mini intermission for a "cabaret performance" (think mime balancing a broom) or Geoff's monologues. Then there was the witch doctor dance during the drum solo. I almost left right then and there to organize a native american protest of the show.

    The climax and highlight was "On the Road to Madness". And after suffering through the set list of OM II, Tribe and American Soldier, it was a true relief. Followed immediately by more frustration - some unremarkable last song. I can't tell you the name of it. But I can tell you it wasn't "I don't believe in love" and when the story is all about long lost love, why not end it with that classic? or at least play it?

    A puppet show would have been better.

  6. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

    Agree and ignore the first response, obviously not someone who was exposed to this band when they were untouchable!

    The magic that was Queensryche was a very rare thing, something not often repeated. They've fallen so low, I doubt they'll regain any credibility after this family tree performance! Never would've happened when they cared...

    Should be ashamed...

  7. Wow. Thanks for all the responses.

    From your comments, it further reinforces my belief that most QR fans are not happy about them going into that direction. If we want sleaze rock, those Sunset Strip legends are the ones we go to where the music fits those visuals. The likes of the Motleys and the Guns. Even those bands have eased away a little from that nowadays.

    It is possible to incorporate performers and a storyline into a QR show in a tasteful and non-degrading way. However, from the clips and pictures of the show, the "cabaret" performance was so out of sync with the music.

    Maybe the first "Anonymous" was one of the dancers who was annoyed that I hinted they were not "hot" enough ;-)

  8. Saw them last night in NYC @ Nokia Theatre. I wouldn't classify myself as a huge Queensryche fan, but liked them well-enough. I can't say that this show went over well w. the crowd. There was palpable annoyance within the venue and there were very few moments of high excitement. (Notable exception: Jet City Woman.) In closing, too much talking, too much weirdness, not enough music. Kudos to them for attempting something risky, but in the end, I didn't feel it worked.

  9. I saw the Queensryche Cabaret in Atlantic City on 8/19/10 and have lost all respect for them after this show!
    Did they really think their fans would like this sleazy pathetic performance?? Once my favorite band, now I think they are just hypocrites "selling skin", glad to see it's not working for them.
    So sad it ended this way....

  10. My first thought was someone found a flyer from Motley's Carnival of Sin Tour and thought "we can do this...add a class of wine and it's upscale." Time to hang it up boys....

  11. are u serious? These two women were strippers? where is this information coming from? I just cannot see Tate marrying a stripper.. paleeez let me know !!!!

  12. Tate bullying control of the band is what this totally was. Lead singers of his make should not have full control of the band. QR's Steve Harris type leader left years ago, so it has spun into this now. Akin to the Maiden comparision, Harris would never ever allow Bruce to make all the decisions in Iron Maiden. If you followed Bruce's solo releases they were often very strange and off-beat like Tate's bizarre theatrical tastes (Operatic vocalists I could argue are prone to this) Without DeGarmo to tell him this shit ain't gonna fly, its hopeless for QR. Tate's makeup alone tells you what time it is. Look at where Iron Maiden is today at look at QR. QR is without its original leader so this is what it is. Tate would argue with DeGarmo back in the day, I would be willing to be no one argues with Steve Harris when it comes to final Maiden decisions. A sad spinal tap moment of a once very real metal band.