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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our old man is back home :-) and the prayer priority

Went home to see my father's car missing from the garage.

Where could my brother take it? The hospital visiting hours were already over. Not long after, we heard the engine sound and my mother's voice.

There! Our dear old man was standing by the dinner table...........with a bag full of medication, no less.

I was just so happy and relieved to see him back because I never like the feelings each time somebody in the family has to spend time at the hospital.

Gave him a big hug.

I know he won't be back to his healthier younger physique but it's a relief to know that at least he's right there in front of our eyes.

I just feel that maybe the Almighty God wants me to prioritise my prayer to something more

Ok, got to admit. Prior to my old man's hospitalization, I was heavily praying for a missing package in the mail to somehow be found by the Post Office people and sent to me. There is a Bi-lingual Japanese Edition of Queensryche Empire Tour Book in it. Now this is where I learned my lesson. Being a cheapskate, I tried to use the cheapest mail possible in order to save the total cost. The risk is the mail could go missing since it would be untraceable. I started praying for it to arrive. Then, BAM! My father was checked into the hospital. Suddenly, the missing package didn't seem to matter much anymore.

Queensryche Empire Tour Book Collage

It's ok. The 'queens' and their 'empire' can wait :-)

So, now that the Almighty God just knocked some forgotten sense back into my head in a major way, I certainly will be prioritising my family first when I say my prayer. I can always buy another Tour Book but I cannot buy another family.

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