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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My father's diagnosis is in....and it's exactly what we suspected

His results had been revealed to him yesterday at the hospital. It had always been what we suspected when he started urinating blood. The cancer was detected at the urinary sack which is now swollen with red
dots on it. My mother who is a surviving cancer victim is all too familiar with the terms and symptoms.

The doctors listed out THREE possible treatments either radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery. My brother said, why not surgery and then chemo? That's like taking the things out and then kill any remaining virus and bad cells just like they did to our mother. Well, it is still up to the doctors to decide.

My mother also informed me that my father might be treated in the capital city. Apparently, all the specialists in our home state have all gone to private practice to earn more money due to the paltry pay to doctors by our government. True. All the doctors at the hospitals are 'juniors'. The specialists are 'imported' from the capital city or private practice and available at certain dates only.

So, my parents would leave us all here. This is hard to even imagine. My weekends would be spent on trips to the capital city after this? Somehow I feel that the doctors are going for the surgery option.

The only thing that's bugging us right now is which stage of cancer is my father at? He'd been going to the hospital since 2007. 3 years had passed without any conclusion from the doctors. They couldn't detect it and his cell test result came back negative. My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer after 4 years of trips to the hospital without them being able to see anything. Could my father be at Stage 3? It was when 'microscopic-type' camera was used on each case, then my parents both got their diagnosis.

Maybe it's because we already had gone through this with my mother before, the family members are much calmer this time. Not as shaken as we were when my mother's results were revealed. We are more prepared this time. Of course, it is still a sad thing to know that both your parents got cancer. I have been preaching to whoever cares to listen to start watching what we eat after age 25 and especially after age 30. As much as I like to eat, I certainly do not want this horrible disease in my body. Any disease at all. My health is one of the Almighty's best gifts to me and I want to keep it till the day I die.

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