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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prayer for my family and when is this awful heatwave going to end?

I'm still nursing a bad cough resulting from a fever I suffered last Sunday.

How sad! I was all set to enjoy my Chinese New Year holiday break at home. The factory didn't give long break for CNY this year. However, the Chinese employees, I heard, were given the choice to extend their holidays either BEFORE the holidays or AFTER the holidays. Those who chose the pre-CNY extension would not get the post-CNY one. Me? I'm due to be back at the office tomorrow.

My fever was really bad last Monday. We held a Quranic recital and prayer for our beloved grandpa and my father at our grandparents' place that evening. My normally high-pitched voice at family recital went unusually low almost like a whisper. I was weak and the heat was not helping.

Anyway, that did not stop me from sampling one of my aunts' delicious Beef Stew she made specially for the occasion. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take a picture of it. Thus, you won't be able to see it here. The stew was flavoured by the marrow from the bones. I didn't ask how long she cooked it. It was nice and thick with carrots and celery in it and pieces of beef. I am so sure she put a generous amount of well-fried onions in it. I could taste it. I just LOVE crispy fried onions. It adds flavour and aroma to any savoury dish.

�Q�m���v Stewed Beef
Since I didn't have any photo of my auntie's beef stew, I had to "borrow" from Webshots. The stew looked a bit like this but thicker and richer.

My fever went really bad as Tuesday turned to Wednesday. It was in the wee wee hours of Wednesday when I just HAD to wake up as I felt my head was like on the verge of exploding. My head literally felt hot on the INSIDE. It scared me. I don't want to be one of those people who suffered brain damage due to extreme body temperature rise. So, I sipped some plain water and directed the fan in my room directly on my head. My hair was still damp from the towel I wrapped my head with before sleep.

I went to work with wet hair and the car air-cond at the max that morning. Something I had never done before. Yes, it was THAT hot. Even at 7.30am in the morning. The nurse at the clinic told me my body was at normal temperature. Thank you the Almighty as I certainly didn't want to be given sick leave. If I went home, I'd be back to suffering the frigging heat again. How pointless. At least, the office was air-conditioned.

I'm hoping for the coughing to heal before Wednesday. I'll be having a VIP lunch with external Auditors on that day. It would be embarrassing if the coughing doesn't stop by then.

My father is going to receive his result on 23rd Feb. Basically the doctors hinted about having seen something reddish and dots but they will only explain everything in person at the hospital. My mother is a Stage 4 cancer survivor and maybe that's why my parents received the news calmly. My mother said, if there is a need for chemo, we'll just go through it. I take her word for it.

Dear Almighty, please help me and please bless my family.

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