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Monday, April 14, 2008

2 Weeks it's not that Hollywood movie

As expected, my colleague's resignation caused quite a ruckus at the office today. It was all thanks to the case of "two-week notice".

Firstly, I had to let off steam about how unhappy I am about the surprise he gave me and the rest of the gang about it last Friday. As a crucial section in our department, any loss of manpower shall have a significant impact on our daily operation.

Secondly, I was hurt by the fact that our former boss poached him to his new workplace totally disregarding the company procedure of 1-month notice.
It's one thing finding a replacement but another arranging my colleague's deregistration from his radiation worker job, his remaining annual leaves and avoiding termination due to absence before the 1-month period. Most importantly is how chaotic it will be for the rest of the gang having to rearrange and reschedule our daily tasks and assignments. Why would he want to go down the termination route after 10 years of service here?

I'm sad that after those years of slaving ourselves for the former Big B when he was with us, he still sees us as the Invisibles....the little people. That we are not worthy of a tiny bit of respect.

No, maybe we should be the inspiration for a movie
called Beastie Boss and the Insignificants.
Visit Arthur and the Minimoys

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