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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my birthday today!

No cake today as I actually already bought a 1kg Moist Choc cake last month on my nephew's birthday to celebrate together along with his Tweety Butter Cake.

For some reason, I have been feeling incredibly happy since last night about this birthday and possibly feeling the happiest out of all my birthdays so far. Today, I just feel so loved.

As my usual tradition, I went out to get myself a birthday present. Yes, I give myself a birthday present every year since I was 21 and it's something I will do till the day I leave this world.

For this year, I have decided to give myself a new bank account with Al-Rajhi Bank. I chose a Mudharabah Savings Account-i where I need to keep a minimum of RM50 which they'll invest and calculate the profit on daily basis. Well, a few micro nano cents a day isn't a bad thing at all since the main reason I wanted the account with Al-Rajhi was to get their Visa Debit Card-i. Many Malaysian bloggers claim that it can be used to withdraw their PayPal funds. I have been interested in international online selling for a long time but the online payment matter was a major drawback.

I must applaude the level of customer service I received when I stepped into its local branch here. This was the friendliest banking service I ever experienced. The staff were smiley, gentle-mannered and helpful and even said prayers for my well-being with today being my birthday. Very impressed. Got a present too. A bag with the bank's name on it.

The Debit Card was given on the spot. This is a great selling point since the Card is attached to your banking account, thus the yearly fee shall be only RM10 (the standard for Malaysian bank accounts). Unlike other Debit Cards from other banks where you have to pay around RM24-25 a year just to use their Debit Cards which you'll have to wait at least 2 weeks for once applied.

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