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Sunday, April 20, 2008

PC Fair and MP4 Gadget from China...!

It's PC Fair in Melaka from 18 to 20 April and I just had to join in the fun.

Bought myself a DVD-writer, an SD Card, a spare mouse, a pair of earphones and an MP4 Player.

I was attracted to a DVD-Writer from Memorex with a Lightscribe technology where the drive can scribe a title to your DVD. However, considering such technology normally means the product itself is more sensitive and prone to damages (just like a hi-tech cellphone compared to a basic Nokia 3310), I finally decided to go for a cheaper one from Samsung. Both come with Nero Suite. Yeah!

Considering that I'll be off to the East Coast early May for an island holiday, I couldn't resist an array of MP3 and MP4 players at a stall. 3 days without my PC nor the Internet? How I'm gonna miss all my video collection. Without that much persuasion, I grabbed one in an unattractive black and orange colour scheme. It looks ugly, cheap and bulky but the design feels comfy in my hand. The buttons on the right side is very fitting to my being right-handed. The screen is 2" diagonal which is big. Most importantly, you can expand the memory with an SD.

My Pride n Joy!

Got seriously annoyed when I brought it home yesterday as the thing couldn't "plug n play" into my PC (meaning I couldn't access its internal memory) and it could only read MP3s I put into the card. None of the video worked (MP4, mpg, amv, avi). It was either an "error message" or "no files can be found". There was a CD supposedly with its driver but I couldn't find any.

Brought it back to the Stall today to complain. The guy was very helpful. Turned out that my USB Cable was faulty so he replaced it with one that worked well. Then I told him about the video failure. He said the thing could read only AVI files converted by its Avi Converter given in its Internal Memory which I needed to install to my PC. What?! Is that so? So much for calling it an MP4 Player and it can't read MP4s at all. Pah!

He converted an AVI I already put in there. Was excited to be able to watch it.

Treated myself to a Walnut Brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream at Secret Recipe. Got a huge smile on my face.

Then I flipped through a book about the Law of Attraction at a bookstore. It says things along the line of "live your life as if the good things you visualize are already yours". Hmm......

Thank God the thing worked fine when I followed the guy's instruction after I brought it home. So now I'm busy converting files to bring to work tomorrow on the Player.

Now I'm feeling positive again. It's easier to feel so when I'm happy.

p/s : By the way, I have to mention that the earclip-styled earphones make you look like you have a pair of weird growth on your ears. Got my nephews to model it cos they make the thing look cute.

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