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Sunday, April 13, 2008

More boys or more girls in the family is better?

Yesterday, my mother rambled on about not having anyone helping her with housework. Somehow, being a daughter made me feel that he remarks were targeted at me. I must admit that nowadays I hardly lift a finger when it comes to household chores except when it comes to cleaning my own room and the bathroom I use everyday.

However, I am certainly not happy that for all the years that I've lived, she has never instructed any of my brothers to help around when the fact is they're the ones who spend more time at home compared to me. I have to leave house at 7am to go to work and reach home again at around 7pm.

I have FOUR brothers brought up with traditional roles as that's the generation my parents come from. They never make their beds. Never fold their own clothes. Not bother to even put the ones folded by mum into their cupboards. Not bother to wash the plate or cup they have used after eating. They leave dirty clothes everywhere. Yet, my parents never complain about them. Mum willingly picks up everything.

Yet, having sons is highly regarded in our society. Daughters on the other hand are the opposite. So much so that they have an old saying that bringing up a herd of cows is easier than bringing up just one daughter. Such is the burden girls get labelled by.

Sometimes, I wonder whether my life would be different had I more sisters instead. Today, I happened to watch a rerun of the
Kardashian show on E!. What it would be like to have that many sisters in the family? Since my parents are very traditional, I think there would not be any problems with household chores.

Before, after years of growing up surrounded by boys, I used to wish that one day when I do have a family of my own, I would want more boys but lately, I have been changing my mind slightly. Now thinking that daughters could be the blessings I'm looking for. I can pass down my values to them and be there for them the way that only a woman can.

p/s: I can't believe despite not being a fan of that show that I could actually score 5 out 6 guessing which tush belongs to Kim!

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