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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Farewell Dinner and the Emotional Queen

My colleague who got snatched by my ex-Boss caused a ruckus again yesterday when he unceremoniously made Monday his last working day here. It landed me in hot water when our Division Advisor asked me his whereabouts.

I got emotional because my colleague didn't even meet me face to face on Monday to say goodbye and thank you when he actually went around to bid farewell to other friends. You see, being the same age kind of give me a sense of kinship with him and he has been one those few people I had confide some of my deepest secrets failed relationships, my crushes on which guys, my financial situations, my future plans etc. He has been very inspiring to me as he juggles work with his Distance learning for a Maths Degree. So, him not including me on his last day had been very losing a brother.

Today we held an informal farewell dinner for him at a stall we all frequent a lot at the nearby beach. I was adamant not to go to show how hurt I was. My other officemates told me I was too emotional. They said I should just go and show how much I appreciate friendships.

By noon, I was already thinking of delicious servings of Special ABC (snow ice in heavy syrups and evaporated milk with assortment of nuts, sweetcorns and jellies at the bottom and a scoop of ice-cream on top with chocolate sprinkles or chocolate sauce...yum...yum) and hot-off-the-grill satays. My cravings got the better of me and I declared to the officemates that I would go. Haha!

Still being the Emotional Queen, I insisted on going early without bothering to wait for the others and the "farewell person" because "I'm going solely to fulfill my appetite".

The Almighty certainly worked his way as He knew how much I wanted to hear my colleague say those thanks yous and sorrys to me. The satays I wanted were only available after 7.30pm and I was already there by 6.15pm!

After the dinner, my colleague was asked to make his farewell speech and he mentioned ME first with his thank you and sorry. Yeah! Everyone else cheered. I was happy again. Well, so now we're cool :-) again. I wish him the best coz he deserves it.

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