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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Adding Multiple Language Translator to my Blog

When surfing around other people's blogs, I had always been fascinated by this particular feature.

I LOVE languages even though there ARE some languages I'm particularly hopeless at. Let's see, in my lifetime, I've tried to learn Arabic, Japanese, German and French. Note the word "tried".

I learned Arabic in school because it was compulsory. 6 years of it and I still can't speak it. Then I tried learning Japanese from my former Japanese General Manager (I'm working in a Japanese company). Result? I can only read ONE simple Japanese character "no". Before graduating from University, I bought 3 books by Charles Berlitz to learn simple German, French and Spanish hoping I'd be using them when I travelled across Europe one day. I still haven't crossed Europe but my hope is still there.

I got my language translator from here - Blogger-Toolkit. Code is by Todd Cullen and Harihara Kumar. Love it, love it, love it. Thanks guys.

I find it particularly useful in learning foreign languages. Ok, maybe the translation can be out of place or context. It's far from perfect but still useful. Oh, how wonderful to see my Blog in German as if I wrote it that way :-)

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