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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I wonder why some people can hold the post of Managers and still can't think of simple solutions

Today, the QA Manager from our sister company down south in the Republic of Singapore asked from an Asst Manager in our Mecha Division to arrange for "his Incoming QC (by that, he meant my particular group)" to go to his plant for a Screw Torque Measurement Method verification or else his members would not do it.

How appalling! He simply said it like my group isn't even our own entity by implying we are "owned" by another Division. Another is, he simply asked for things to be arranged by his time totally disregarding that WE also have our own schedule to follow. We already requested them to come for a Quality meeting and a demo with another sister company in the south before.

That Manager's simple excuse was he had another agenda on that day and his staff can't leave the plant because they are having a shortage of manpower. Then, in a tone bordering on blackmail, he said something alone this line "ask your Incoming QC to check it because we don't know how to do it!".

Honestly, we are sick of bowing to this kind demand for a long time. Now the whole thing brought me to the following. It's really quite simple:

1. Who says HIS staff are the ones who need to come over to watch the demo? Why can't HE as their MANAGER be the representative to come and see us or the other sister company to see the checking demo and teach it back to his staff? *The annoying part about this is I actually had made a proper Inspection Instruction standard for them to refer to

2. If the "live" demo is so important to that Manager, then why can't he simply ask from the other sister company to make a "video" of the checking method and have it burned to a CD and couriered over?

3. How about making a movie and have it uploaded to video-sharing site like You Tube? All the Converter softwares can be downloaded free from the Internet. Also, if there is an issue of confidential process and design violation, it's not like we can't set the video to a "private" account accessible by authorised users only.

4. If the video takes a long time, hey, he might argue it that way, what about the use of "video conference"? All these Managers have the utmost facilities eg laptop, Internet connection, WiFi, webcam and what-nots. Hey, why don't you freaking use them people?

You know what? You won't believe how many of these characters I have to encounter everyday at work. I wonder why these people are getting paid in multiples of what me and my colleagues (the Insignificants) get.

Or is it because they are men and they can't use their brains to move in different directions like left, right, backward, over and under? Do they only know one way which is forward?

I'm glad I'm a woman. There's no room for ego for me.

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