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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Agar-agar Fruit Cocktail Milk Pudding

This is a simple recipe I love to make as it is fairly easy even for a novice.

Agar~agar Fruit Cocktail

I used Nata de Coco and colourful sugar sprinkles on mine with a few little drops of Sunquick on top for that "zing tangy" taste.

20g agar-agar (soak for 10 minutes)
1250ml milk
250ml fruit cocktail syrup (the syrup after the fruits pieces are taken out)
200g sugar
2tbsp cornflour mixed with 5tbsp water
1 can of fruits cocktail
2 kiwi fruits or anything you like eg sliced peaches

1. Heat the agar-agar till dissolves
2. Add in the fruit cocktail syrup, sugar and milk and leave to boil. Continue stirring.
3. Add in the cornflour
4. Place the fruit cokctail pieces and your chosen other fruits in a container/your chosen dish
5. Pour in some of the pudding mixture just enough to cover the fruits
6. Wait a little till the agar-agar pudding hardens a little and continue pouring the rest of the mixture.
7. Leave to set. Best served chilled.

Agar~agar Fruit Cocktail 2

The look of this recipe with the kiwi fruits and cherry pieces. Taken from Wanita magazine years ago.

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