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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grasshopper Green Duvet

Another friend asked for a comforter in green and yellow. Her brief to me was "cheerful".

I went for this grasshopper green colour as its main theme and match it with this bright yellow in "sun, star and moon" pattern. I never made a project at this large scale before and I wasn't sure how much of the fabric I would need.

After searching for awhile, I settled for this classic pattern called "Northern Star" and based my design on this.

Ceria Grasshopper Duvet 1Ceria Grasshopper Pillowcases 2Ceria Grasshopper Duvet 3Ceria Grasshopper Duvet 4Ceria Grasshopper Duvet 5
Ceria Grasshopper Duvet 2

I ended up using a myriad of fabric combination on the bottom side of the duvet because I was running out of the grasshopper green fabric.

I stayed awake till 3am to finish this on time. Man! The thing was heavy as I was finishing it.

I was quite bummed when she used it as a bedsheet instead of a duvet though.

I don't think I'll ever make a duvet ever again except maybe for myself.

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