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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rice, Price, Rise

Maybe it's not a coincidence that these words actually rhyme.

Going with my parents shopping for household monthly grocery, I was appalled at the price of Rice in every shops and supermarkets.

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In Malaysia, just a few weeks ago, it was still between MYR18 to MYR19 for regular 5%-type per 10kg. Now it has shot up to MYR28.90 per kg and THAT's the cheapest. Others were priced from MYR29.90 to MYR35.

I was shocked. There had been rumours that the price of rice would increase and my mother asked me to buy extra for stock. I didn't believe her as I thought it was jst her being misinformed. I regret ignoring her words now.

Who are the culprits behind this? Are we all victims of consumer-driven capitalist controlled society? The crisis is all over the world and I do not believe that it has been caused by sudden reduction of rice supply due to natural disasters at rice-producing countries. Thailand is the biggest producer of rice and she wasn't the one hit by the Cyclone Nargis. That's her neighbour Burma. The earthquake in China happened after the rice already got into price crisis. No major natural disasters happened in Malaysia or Indonesia in recent news. If the raw supply is in crisis, then why aren't the poor rice farmers making any money from this? Has the answer been staring at us in the face all along?

Rice is the the lifeline to millions of people and may those who have the deadened heart to manipulate us all for their own greed eat from their fat-blocked arteries.

Help end world hunger
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