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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Terengganu Keropok (Fish crackers!)

What's a visit to Terengganu if not for its famous keropok?

Keropok Life 1
Keropok is actually a kind of fried cracker usually made of ground fish or prawns mixed with sago and some salt to taste.

Then the mixture is turned into a dough, rolled into a long sausage-like shape and boiled to cook. The cooked dough is then taken out and sliced thin if you want the crispy cracker type. These slices will be dried under the Sun and packed to be fried later.

The unsliced one is called "keropok lekor" and sold in its uncut long shape. The customer shall take it home and slice it any way she/he likes, thin or thick or totally uncut. Then to the frying pan. This type is more springy to eat but some prefer it this way.

Keropok Life 3

The friendly and chatty Keropok lady!

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