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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Got a new LCD Samsung 743NX Monitor today!

Ok. This is annoying.

Yesterday, after I got back home from a dinner with friends, I found my 15" LCD Toshiba monitor remained blank after booting. Rebooted and reswitched. Whatever it took. Still didn't work. The screen stayed pitch black. Switched it off and went to sleep. Woke up the next morning and it still remained blank after booting up.

This was really getting on my nerves and I had to make an emergency purchase at the PC shop where I got my PC. Incidentally they were having a Samsung LCD Monitor promotion.

Got a 17" 743NX model. I didn't want a large screen. 17" is as big as I was willing to go. Had to whip out the credit card again. Man! I was just planning to reduce the balance on that card!

The cool thing about it is it has no buttons. You switch on by "Touching the invisible button" at the lower right corner. It also comes with some softwares such as Natural Color Pro 1.0 which Samsung claims to solve the problem of colours on monitor screen being different than the actual outcome when printing. I installed this one out of curiosity but as I still haven't got a printer at the moment, I can't really tell its function.

Oh! I was almost tearing my hair out when the Monitor Menu came out in Turkish! I was lost. Then I re-read the manual which came in the form of a CD and managed to figure out which Menu was the "Language setting" change.

I'm still trying to adjust myself to the higher resolution of 1280 x 1024 and bigger screen after years of using that 15" Toshiba 1024 x 768.

On the second day of using it, I saw some blurry spots on the screen. At first I was disappointed thinking that the monitor really was a faulty product. I'm not the type who despairs easily when it comes to technical stuff and gadgets. Out of curiosity, I touched the "AUTO button" placed just beside the "POWER button". To my delight, that solved the problem!

I highly recommend this monitor to everyone. It's easy to use. Very sleek design. The resolution accommodates ALL the major websites in the world. Best of all is the "invisible touch buttons" which not only give it a streamlined look but also make it look very very high-tech and design-forward.

Visit Samsung for more products.

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