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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Life I Found on Pulau Kapas (Island of Kapas) Part 1

It's been about 1 week since I left the Island of Kapas. I have got to share what I found there from the beginning till the end. The people, the spirit, the life...................

The journey from my state of Melaka to the east coast state of Trengganu did not go as planned. I ended up having to accompany a Trengganu girl on her way back hometown and switch places driving her brand new Perodua Viva 1.0 from Muadzam, Pahang at 3.15am all the way to Kemaman, Trengganu!

I was all groggy praying all the way I wouldn’t fall asleep on the steering and crash the car or lose sight of our convoy and miss a turn. Heaven knows how grateful I was when I was transferred to the KIA Pregio van I was originally meant to ride in. Had PAID for it!

The sunrise on the sky of Marang, Terengganu.

Trengganu Morning Sun

The moment I woke up to the morning sky of Trengganu, I breathed in the life that I used to know back when I was 8.

The view of the sunrise from the inside of our van.

Trengganu Morning Sun view from the inside

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