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Saturday, May 24, 2008

I use my left and right brains equally?

My sister gave a very interesting piece of information recently about the connection of brain use and eyesight.

We were talking about our shortsightedness problem, glasses and contact lenses cost when she said I was lucky to have the same conditions for both eyes thus not having to buy 2 different sets of contacts each time.

Then, she said "That's because you use your brains equally."


"You use your left and right side equally."

I didn't know that.

"That's primary school basic lesson!."


"You test your eyes by closing one and see if an object moves or stay still. My teacher carried it out to all of us. The eye that sees and object as still is the primary focus eye. If a person's right eye sees the object as still, it means that she uses more of her left brain and vice versa. This eye tend to be the one with the vision problem because it's used more intensely."

A-ha! It kinda makes sense. I have always been aware of my equal ability in both Arts and Technical stuff. I can do both but I'm not great at any. I went through school in a science stream doing maths, chemistry, physics and biology (averaging C) while taking Art classes (not as great as my brother but pretty good).

Now that explains everything about me.

I'm working in Quality Control at the Engineering Section. Never in my life I ever imagined myself in this job but here I am. I entered this as a "zero" having graduated with Architectural background. All I had was my English language skill and basic Technical drawings knowledge. Yes, some interaction with Engineers (always thought they were so uptight).

I'm surviving okay and use my Artistic side when preparing technical instructions and training manuals.

Oh....I still see Engineers as uptight squares though :-)

Note on Images used here:
  • The Face and Layout are from me created using the Drawing Tools in Excel
  • The Cliparts are Excel and School Clip Art. They have a great collection for Educational use.
  • The glitter graphic is of course from Graphics Factory Glitter Graphics. Visit them for more.

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