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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Terengganu Art of Life!

Since our departure journey from Terengganu was in the daytime of May 3rd, I took the chance to observe more of life in here that I didn't get to capture on May 1st.

Here are some of the quirky things that are the most memorable to me:

Batik Kaftans

The display of Batik Kaftans and the arrays of colours are a normal sight in Malaysia BUT the difference with the ones in Terengganu is that instead of the usual cotton/viscose type, these Kaftans are made of SILK!

Jawi in its pride

The Malays and the Chinese are more integrated here in Terengganu. That's the way the East Coast life is. How elated I was with pride when I saw the fine treasure of Malay culture i.e the Jawi alphabets on display everywhere even on a Chinese-owned premise. The Jawi is a major part of our history. Obviously derived from the Arabic alphabets brought in to the old Malacca (Melaka) Kingdom centuries ago by the Arabs. In my state of Melaka in the West Coast, the Jawi is only seen on Muslim graves mostly. How sad. You can't be more dead than THAT.

Turtle Art Studio

A quirky clever name to what seems like an advertising board design studio. Obviously a tribute to another reason Terengganu is famous for...........the Turtles!

National Geographic Happy Turtle

Yeah! Let's party baby ~ Mr. Turtle says!

Turtle image from National Geographic. Visit them.

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