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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pink Baby Girl Patchwork Comforter

A friend of mine who was longing for a baby girl so much during her 3rd pregnancy asked for a baby comforter set in girly pink. I wasn't sure what pattern I would go for. At the time, the only practice I had was making the patchwork bags which I learned in class. I opened up Microsoft Excel and started filling up the cells with colours which inspired this.

I wish I had found a darker pink fabric. You can't see the pattern I came up with in these photos. I also wasn't much of an expert at taking digital photos at that time. The importance of good lighting was totally ignored at the time these pictures were taken.

Pink Baby Set 5

With the little pillow and bolsters.

Pink Baby Set 2

Is that clearer? I think not.

Pink Baby Set 7

The backside had no patchwork so either side can be used.

Pink Baby Set 6Pink Baby Set 4

Oh....made a bag to go with it. Totally an impromptu idea executed while I was putting finishing touches to this baby comforter. Had a piece of clear plastic dining table cover which was thick enough to be made into a decent durable cover bag.

As fate would have it, it rained on the day I handed it over to her.

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