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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Life I Found on Pulau Kapas (Island of Kapas) Part 2

Trengganu Wooden Structures

I cherished the sight of wooden houses around me and the coconut tree skyline of Marang, Terengganu in the soft rays of the sunrise.

Trengganu Marang Coast line sunrise

As we wheezed along the coastline, I captured as many and as best as I could the glistening sea and sky against the morning sun.

Trengganu Marang Coast line sunrise 2

For a moment, I was transported back to that place I used to wish for where I would see myself running on the green grass on the hills with the breeze around me. I thought of the old days where my friends and I would cycle around our villages in the Eid festive season visiting people we didn’t even know but felt like neighbours anyway.

Life as I miss it 1

The freedom of childhood in my days when the narrow lanes and the bushes were safe playgrounds. Back in the days when children could live without fear.


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